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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 12, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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and in hd. this is abc 7 news at noon. captioned by the national captioning institute has banned 30 hass as the boys of elmo teh voice of elmo has a break. and then as come forward started as that he
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relationship when he was a minor. >> this is where it all started kevin clash, at the inner harbor in baltimore. with the been talking 23-year-old man who claims he his sexual relationships seven years ago. they give are coming. thank you for comg. kiss kiss. >> the man behind the voice of elmo is being investigated. >> senior in the 2011 documentary, "being elmo" has leave of absence. this is the home where his ex- and daughter live. neighbors say he was very he lived here. they do not believe the allegations. the attorney for the dollar a
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claims the children tried to silence his client. "although this is a personal unrelated to the workplace, our investigation did reveal that have been exercised poor judgment and violated regarngpolicy internet usage and he was disciplined." >> he was a great guy. at a graduate of a dundalk school, he made his own puppets and would perform here the street four years. >> he seems like an odd person to pick on. who knows how much truth there is? clash is denying the allegations and criminal charges been filed. gonzales, abc 7 news. congressional members be of hisnot because theynation, but because
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were not notified. members are furious. there were not told about the fbi investigation until the day he resigned. was notident himself told until the day after the election. >> it seems it had been going on months and now they e saying the fbi did not thatze until election day was it just does not add up. >> are you going to investigate fbi did not notify you before? absolutely. could have an effect on national security. we should have been told. >> national security was never compromised. to testify onet thursday. the deputy director will now be testifying instead. theff peak fares all day on
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metro. delays carrying over on the line between east falls church and clarendon. add 45 minutes to the travel time. hard to ask for a better november weekends. first off, let's just enjoy today. shall we? one is sunshine all day long. some of the clouds movelready starting to into the area. by the time we drive home, mostly cloudy. 67 at reagan national. 66 in dallas. 64 in culpeper. -- 66 in dulles. clouds will be thickening. delays this evening because clouds and rain.
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keep that in mind. arrival delays at laguardia to equipment issues. at 6:00, 64 and mostly cloudy. more details on the big drop in your temperatures, a good 20 degrees or so, coming up soon. >> a developing story in columbia, maryland. it gunman left a talk about manager severely injured. sunday morning, two men ambushed him. is recovering from several gunshot wounds. a family of free in anne arundel home after aheir fire. it took rose an hour to knock took them a it
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fire. enforcing the speed from teh air/ -- the air? virginia state police have from thely 20 tickets air patrol. to 5000 tickets between 2000-2008. montgomery county school superintendent laying out a plan make the nationally renowned to focus onn better than earn just test scores. we have more from brianne carter. 17 months after joining montgomery county public he delivered his first date of the school laying out his vision and for the future. >> we are the opportunity for children. together, we will insure that get our very best every single day. >> moving forward in academics off to continue to be the
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bogus. must be a focus on work place experience. opportunities need to be made available to every student. >> other students and kids and the sameave opportunities as others do the finances. that means to be recognized. >> apparent the three students, what heleased with said. exciting time for the school. under a recount is at the really changing a vacation. is at theery county forefront. financial edison, a l allowe the program wil students to learn about investing and borrowing money to use later on in life. developingl be another program. >> i'm excited.
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in life andlp xl create opportunities. in bethesda, brianne carter. >> as we recognize veterans day, giving the gift of comfort. he was just given a new home design for the needs of the wounded warrior. jeff goldberg is in fredericksburg with this story. >> it's an incredible story. garden.riot is a quadruple amputee and he has two purple hearts for his service. severe head injury back to war in afghanistan. here now is 27-year-old marine sergeant peck arriving in his home provided by the tunnels towers organization based in providing homes for
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veterans injured. includes a lower height sidewalks,, why did cameras can be controlled by an ipad or iphone. he came amid recuperated after the head injury in iraq and went afghanistan we in may 2010 ied seclusion caused him lose all four limbs. >> he was beloved by all. he was one of the strongest marines i have ever met. to this day, i miss him dearly. >> this is the site of the battle here in the civil war. n still see the war
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trenches. he will be living here with his mother and his guard dog. be welcomed with open arms in the community. like in fredericksburg, jeff abc 7.g, a statue of the marine ost decorated member decorated in triangle, virginia. veteran was awarded 5 navy crosses. creeping into the thursday before which happens to thanksgiving. when will the action start at us? r also, the search for answers a home exploedes leveling it's neighbors. clouds and rain on the way.
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look at the
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>> 24 hours after an explosion obliterated 5 homes and damaged others, they do not what caused it. two people were killed when this e indianapolis also blew up. -- reported board but suspicious. the damage is estimated at $3.50 homesn with several repair.beyond the police involved shooting in michigan under investigation. a 64-year-old man walked in and shoot an officer behind
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bulletproof glass. police fired back and killed the who has been identified. to determine a clear motive. >> where leading towards he was suicidal. >> a preliminary investigation revealed to was a military veteran in poor health. shot in theas shoulder but he is expected to be fine. sandy slammed on tens of thousands are without power. are sleeping in heavy coats. the secretary of homeland security toward the area saying is committed to helping all effected. it people in the twin cities are from a couple of
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tornadoes. in west st. paul late saturday the been behind some twisted trees.nd it's been 12 years since a has hit minnesota in november. an oddity in in the world.f >> that's my old hometown. really where to get a in november and high of 69 that day on saturday. today? guess what? >> close to 70 here. 11 degree wind chill and first snow fall. we will not be that cold or sees but i justher, wanted to show wanted-- and no either. but how powerful this storm has .een in minnesota and wisconsin. of stops there.
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in indiana this morning. the time lapse for this morning, started out nice and clear. look at the moon. a beautiful shot in the potomac. skies are nice and sunny this morning. thickenre starting to up, and mostly cloudy skies by the time you drive home. rain moving in across ohio and temperatures ahead of it have been so warm. 67 a reagan national, 66 at dulles,on fredericksburg 75? incredibly warm. look at the drop behind the cold front. minnesota, only 19 in ely. 24 in minneapolis. enjoy this afternoon while you can. hold off until tonight and continue early tuesday
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morning. sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. much rainfall are we talking about? .25ween25 mewhere inch. well temperatures. the high between 65-70 degrees. 45-50 degrees tonight. 47-day forecast, shareholding on morning, clearing out, and that much colder root of the week. the highs will be below average the 50's. i know you got in an 11th mile run yesterday. >> i can guarantee that as much guarantee your forecast. moving up toys r us start of their black friday deals. they plan to open? abc7 news team can help
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and toys are was hoping more -- toys r us is to be opening thursday t at 8:00 p.m. than 200 ore more buster deals. been trying hard to promote -- 200 door busters. abc 7 wants to make your morning with the latest alarm p with weather and traffic. it >> a lot of us weakened to our glaring something like this. e up to our phones blaring.
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here is the abc 7 alarm clock. you can choose from all the you dread, or wake up to better like steve cheveney. >> buzz, buzz, buzz. it's time to get up. or alison. rise and shine! 5 of your favorite faces can start your monring. >> user weather right now, the days,r for the next seven hour, or live doppler radar. we even have a video forecast here.u down the week and a little early because it will be perfect. >> all of the museum as to what you were sleeping and more -- all of the news you missed what you were sleeping.
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it will direct you how to get the app. hopefully it will make you easier to wake up. it's easy. 7's website -- you can download it for free. an armstrong has cut off former ties with his cancer charity livestrong open to avoid a further controversy after being seven titles.his he stepped down as chairman but seat on the board until those they few days ago. nascar trying to weigh in on punishment to n the big brawl on the laps still to two go. spotgordon intentionally retaliation of an incident that damaged his car. you can imagine the crews did
12:24 pm gordon's crew came to his defense. they all started brawling. eventually, everyone was all gotd but they called into the boss's office. they're ready to resign as senior members tonight on stars." with the latin trio night. they will perform a second their partner and another partner. the songs will pay homage to e members. catch the dancing tonight at 8:00 right here on abc ." . [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
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>> an endearing photo. a koala clinging to this tree. the little guy so thirsdayty, from the man's hand. symbol of hope. is a final look at the forecast period. as are about to change. increasing and showers are arriving tonight. temperatures would dropping into eh
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